Ventian Garden


So I love my Topshop metallic dress and I think it really suits the location of the Venetian pool gardens in our hotel. Oh and I forgot to mention I’m in Vegas now :) Were staying in The Venetian hotel and it’s amazing, its designed just like an old Roman castle with marble everywhere and fountains and oil paintings on the ceiling just like the Sistine Chapel. I will definitely put a post up about the time we spent in Vegas and everything we seen and did.

I wore this dress to the musical Rock of Ages in the theatre last night, which was a great musical to go and see if your into that type of thing? Which I am definitely into ;) I





Dress – Topshop

Sandals – River Island



Brandy Melville


This little coord is from an American clothes shop called Brandy Melville, which California has many! There just happened to be a huge one where I was staying in San Diego, they had manly summer stock still out and I just wanted buy it all!! But because I am from Ireland I knew that probably wasn’t a good plan seeing as we’re coming into the Autumn months.

But I just couldn’t resist this one, it had such a Motel Rocks feel and was half the price at $45 :) Theres not much to this outfit other than its light, summery and casual. There was a little family of ducks on the beach when we were taking the photos and we tried our best to get them in the shot, but I guess they weren’t feeling all that photogenic tonight.





San Diego Sunset


So I’m in another new location as of recent! And if you haven’t guessed from the title, yup I’m in San Diego :) I love San Diego, it has a very special place in my heart because I lived here for three months last year and had the absolute time of my life, and it also where I met my boyfriend, so without getting too mushy I have a lot of sweet memories here.

Anyway enough of that, we took these photos just outside our hotel near the marina. Everywhere in San Diego is so picturesque, you could honestly take photos anywhere and they would look good. This skirt is from Urban Outfitters and I really wasn’t sure about it but my sister persisted that I buy it, and to tell you the truth I’m happy I did! My top is an oldie but a goodie from River Island when Rihanna did her collection for them. I would love if Rihanna did another collection – I adored it last year :)

I have done a bit of shopping on my holiday but I had been told that it is really cold back home so Ive been trying to buy wintery items but its so difficult considering California is 40 degrees still! But I’m really excited to pull some outfits together when I go home with some of my newer stuff.












Top – River Island

Skirt – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – River Island


Santa Monica and LA

Im having so much fun traveling around California, Ive seen so many beautiful places in such a short space of time its almost hard to comprehend. In just a week Ive visited, San Francisco, Carmel, Morrow Bay, Santa Monica and LA not to mention I’m in San Diego as I type away!

We stayed in Santa Monica For two days and one night and it was really amazing, the pier is fantastic! Its just like what you see in photographs – absolutely gorgeous! Palm trees everywhere, ferris wheel, plenty of bars and restaurants and it has an amazing street for shopping too! Here are some photos I took on my iphone from that night…

Santa Monica at night! Photo by Lauren McMahon

Santa Monica at night!
Photo by Lauren McMahon



photo 1 copy 2

During our time in Santa Monica we drove in to LA and did some sight seeing. This was one of my favourite places so far on the holiday. We took a tour bus around the city which brought us to the Hollywood Hills, celebrity homes, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive! It was super hot that day I cant even begin to describe the heat up in the Hollywood hills – very intense. I even got sunburnt :( When we were in the Hollywood Hills we took some pictures of the Hollywood sign, but unfortunately you cant get too close as tour buses cant manoeuvre around the little roads and bends!

The Hollywood sign :)

The Hollywood sign :)

View from the Hollywood Hills of LA

View from the Hollywood Hills of LA

What was really interesting was that we seen where some of the stars lived such as, Charlize Theron and Gwen Stefani! We also seen some pretty famous filming locations from loads of movies like, Wedding Crashers, Iron Man and of course Pretty Woman. After that we were given a tour of Beverley Hills, which goes without saying was AMAZING! The homes in that district are to die for!


After Beverley Hills we went to Rodeo Drive and got out of the bus and walked around the area. It was absolutely out of this world! Designer stores everywhere, beautiful white buildings, palm trees and it was spotless! Would love to be able to afford to go shopping there one day – a girl can dream, right?


Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive


After our tour of LA ended me and my family went to the Hard Rock for some lunch, then walked along Hollywood Boulevard and seen the Walk of Fame and Gruman’s Chinese Theatre. LA is so big wit thousads of people walking around and was such an experience, loved it!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


Also a little highlight from my trip to LA was when we drove to Melrose Ave and seen the DASH store!! Big Kardashian fan over here so this was the icing on top of the cake for me :) The clothes were fab but a little pricey so I bought a DASH keychain, which I posted on my INSTAGRAM a few days ago! Unfortunately I didnt see any of the Kardashians, but it was still amazing. I remember just being so excited driving up Melrose haha, what am I like?! :)



Me outside DASH, excuse the appearance it was the end of the day lol!

Me outside DASH, excuse the appearance it was the end of the day lol!


San Francisco

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you are following me on instagram will know that Im on holiday at the moment, travelling around the West coast of America and the first stop on our trip was San Fran. Last year I took part in a J1 visa programme, which is basically a 3 month trip to anywhere in the US and you have a visa to get a job and work to pay rent and afford to live over there. Definitely the best thing I ever did, cant begin to describe how amazing my J1 summer was in San diego. So I am over the moon to be visiting California again, I just love this place!

I have never been to San Fran before so I was really excited to see if it would live up to my expectations and I must say the shopping is excellent, which is a huge plus, they have everything in a short walk from one another. My sister and I spent most of our money in Westfield shopping mall in Union Square. This place was built by the fashion gods in my opinion!! It had everything you can imagine – Bloomingdales, Michael Kors, Victoria Secret, Ambercrombie and Fitch and so much more :) Not to mention the amazing Sephora and Mac store was around the corner.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Union Square is really quaint with many artists exhibiting and selling their paintings in the square which is surrounded by coffee shops. It was a nice day that afternoon so me and my sister grabbed a Starbucks and sat on the Union Square steps and took it all in.

San Fran has real character with its high rise buildings and fast paced life style –  its has a real big city vibe, If you know what I mean? We found trouble finding places to eat around Union Square as there weren’t many restaurants, believe it or not?

photo 1

We stayed in Union Square for the duration of our stay which was great because it was right beside everything but we also visited Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, where we visited Alcatraz Island Prison and rented bikes and cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cycling over the Golden Gate Bride was such an experience but my God was it windy up there! And if there is something you should know is that San Fran is freezing cold!! Oh my God, I presumed it was going to be windy but nothing prepared me for they’re wether. I packed no warm clothes so I have been living in my new Victoria Secret hoody since Ive arrived so apologies for the lack of fashionable outfits in the post ;)

The boat to Alcatraz Island

The boat to Alcatraz Island



Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island



Me at Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf

Me at Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf

photo 3 copy

Some nice grub at Fisherman’s Wharf!

Cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge hehe

Cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge hehe

goldengate brigde

photo 2 copy

View of San Fran from the boat to Alcatraz Island

View of San Fran from the boat to Alcatraz Island


OOTD Patterned Jumpsuit


This jumpsuit is now probably the comfiest item I own in my wardrobe – I never want to take it off! I was always on the fence about jumpsuits because in most cases I thought they gave you this weird saggy bum situation. But when I seen this one I was really drawn to the print and when I tried it on it was just so comfy I couldn’t not buy it! It was such a bargain buy as well as it was only €17 from Penneys!!

Ill definitely be wearing this when I’m sight seeing in San Francisco :) Im leaving this Friday and I’m uber excited, Ill probably wear this cycling over the golden gate bridge for comfort and ease!

Ill be blogging some lovely outfits with some lovely scenery while I’m away so make sure to keep an eye out ;)








Jumpsuit – Penneys/Primark

Sandals – River Island

Jewellery – Pandora


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Retro Party Glam


I really love this outfit today, I thinks its really chic and elegant. When I was wearing this I felt like I should be on the French Rivera about to aboard a yacht with champagne! Maybe it was the orange, navy and gold colours that gave it that nautical feel mixed with a dash a glamorous party girl? I don’t know, but nevertheless I wanted to be in the sun on my way to a chic party out at sea.






Top = Topshop

Shorts = Miss Selfridge (here) and they’re on sale!

Sandals = River Island

Bag = River Island

Sunnies = River Island



Vintage Feel

This is sort of an ‘occasion wear’ post, I think? Its super glam and glittery but nevertheless you could wear it for cocktails but I think you’d be pushing it going clubbing in this outfit. I was really inspired by some of Arrabella Golby’s outfit posts on her blog ‘Arrabella’ as she is always really glamorous and polished. Another one of my favourite Irish bloggers – Erika Fox from ‘Retro Flame’, always wears such girly and fancy outfits that I blame them two for this ensemble!

I bought this shirt recently from Miss Selfridge and I’m so happy that I did, I love when you buy something that already has the embellishment added, like when jumpers come with statement necklaces attached or fake collar effects. Always make life much easier.

I have not worn a pair of stiletto platforms in absolutely ages, oh my god I am so bad at walking in high heels all of a sudden! I could barely make it around the corner to take these pictures – such a disaster :)

Because the location I chose to shoot was quite dark the glitter in the skirt didn’t pick up on camera so I took a few extra shots in my back garden to show you, because this skirt is so pretty it deserved more credit.











Shirt = Miss Selfridge (here)

Skirt = River Island

Bag = River Island

Shoes = Korkys





New In


This beautiful crop shirt is something I picked up yesterday in Miss Selfridge, I don’t usually shop in Miss Selfridge because in Ireland its actually quite expensive and overpriced. But, when I seen this shirt with its pretty embellished collar I just couldn’t turn away.


So random that I never shop in Miss Selfridge and now I own two beautiful embellished pieces from them? How and ever, these shorts!! One of my favourite bloggers is Arrabella Golby and the night before I bought these two items I was browsing through her blog, I just love all her embellished jewellery and statement pieces that I blame her for these two very sparkly purchases!

Shirt – (here)

Shorts – (here)





Boho Fleur

So the story behind this playsuit is, the other day I went into town to purchase a new outfit for the blog and to my dismay, realised I forgot my money!! DEVASTATED :( All I had was €40 in my purse so I had to be clever. I began rummaging through H+M  because they are always good value for your money and you can find some hidden gems in there sometimes, but I had no luck this time. So the next best place and one of my favourite clothes shops ever, was ZARA :) Oh I have so much love for Zara, seriously, they have girly, chic, classy and funky all wrapped up in the one place. They never let me down – such big time love for these guys.

As I was running around frantically thinking about all the different options for a new outfit, the decision wether to buy a top or a skirt and try match it up with something I already own was running through my mind and the fact they have so much new stock in I didn’t know where to give my attention to first. And then, I spotted this beauty in the TRF section and it was just in my budget at €39.95, sweet! I thought perfect, because playsuits and or dresses are so simple and you don’t need to worry about what to match it with!

So, I quickly tried it on then ran out of the changing room to pay for it then briskly walked back up to the car park as its €2.00 per hour for parking and I only had €3.00 left!! Such a whirlwind hour haha. Any way I made it just in time and now have this beautiful playsuit for you :)

I’ll stop rambling now.

Hope you like it xx











Playsuit = Zara (here)

Sandals = River Island (here)

Satchel = River Island (here)


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