Missguided Wishlist

Hello everyone! So I was contacted from the online shop directory Style Compare about a little competition they have created upon the announcement that Missguided will now be available to purchase from their website. The competition consists of posting your favourite Missguided autumn/winter piece from their new collection on Twitter, using the hashtag #MissguidedHasArrived and you must use @stylecompare in your tweet. Very simple and easy, and the fantastic part is the winner will win a £250 voucher for Missguided!! How awesome is that?!

Here is what I ended up creating for the competition and I suppose this would also constitute as my Missguided Autumn wish list as all the items included I am seriously lusting after at the moment. I am especially feeling the love for full midi skirts, I think they’re super glamorous and I just l love how blogger Arabella Golby styles hers. She always looks so put together and polished, which funnily enough I find is the opposite of my style? Maybe thats why I admire her style so much, because we are both so different? Hmmm. Hope you like it xxx

missguided aw14

Counting Sheep


But first let me talk about the jacket! This has got be the fluffiest most cosiest jacket ever and it is such a statement piece to wear out and about around winter that it doesn’t really matter if you have the most horrible top on underneath, just let the jacket do the talking! I love this so much, oh how I wish it was mine :( Unfortunately its my little sisters and she purchased it from none other than Penneys/Primark for under €30.

Now hears the sad part, last year I bought the EXACT same jacket from Topshop for €122!!!! I cant believe it, my sister saved €90 on her little star buy. Now, I will most definitely be wearing mine during winter because with its hefty price tag I most certainly will be getting the wear out of it and luckily its more in fashion this winter than last. Gucci has a similar sheepskin coat out this winter in powder blue, which is so fab I almost thought about dying mine a pastel shade. But I don’t think I’ll go through with it as Im so afraid that something will go wrong? Have you ever tried to dye something before? If so how did it turn out? This reminds me, I must find my coat and get it dry cleaned ASAP xx






Coat – Penneys/Primark

Bube-tube – Topshop

Jeans – River Island

Booties – Aldo


New, Old, Vintage!


This outfit is pretty much a miss match of some of the pieces I own in my wardrobe – new, old and vintage! These are the kind of outfits I love the most, because no matter what, you know that nobody will be wearing the same outfit as you around town or out in a nightclub. Theres nothing I hate more than when the new stock comes into River Island or Missguided and everyone is wearing the same outfit or has the same style of clothes on. Im not sure about elsewhere but in Dublin when a statement dress/jacket/skirt (you name it) from River Island/Topshop’s new collection hits the stores, it will be walking around the Dublin nightclub scene. Literally you and about three others will be wearing the same dress on the weekend, nightmare!

This fur shrug belonged to my Gran and it is my most treasured piece of clothing I own, its has such a 1920’s vibe, but yet goes with everything. Its really timeless and elegant, so when I want to impress someone I pull this cat out of the bag every once in a while.

The skirt Ive had for about 3-4 years and its from River Island, I never wore it too much because it didn’t fit me properly and was always slightly too big. Its style originally meant it sat on your hips, but I hate anything that isn’t high waisted, so recently I asked my Mom to take it in to fit my waist and now it has a whole new lease of life! My crop jumper is new and is from American Apparel but that just goes to show you that you don’t always need to spend money on new outfits and sometimes by just trying old and new stuff on you create a totally unique look that no one else will have!








Fur Shrug – Vintage

Jumper – American Apparel

Skirt – River Island

Shoes – River Island


Autumn Prints


Its been a week since my last blog post but I’ve been so busy job hunting – handing out cv’s and sending emails that its just consumed all my time. But in saying that I need to find a job ASAP to fund my little blog and my general money spending addiction. Its so bad, like, I literally enjoy spending money on anything, be it for someone else, for my room, groceries, stationary or helping someone else shop, the list goes on. My parents tell me I should make my career as a personal shopper and I see where they’re coming from!

Ive blogged this skirt before, but only now am I realising how much I like it? It’s pretty much going with everything in my wardrobe right now. Ive worn it for job interviews and out for cocktails, its so versatile! This is a new shirt of mine which I bought from Abercrombie & Fitch in San Fran this summer. I like wearing it with jeans mostly, but I opted to pair it with this zebra print skirt as I was enjoying the whole sophisticated edgy look when I tried it on. So I just rolled with it.



zz1 zz2







Shirt – Abercrombie & Fitch

Skirt – Zara

Sandals – River Island

Jacket – Topshop


Fluff and Leather


I can just tell this fuzzy crop jumper is going to be my go-to item of clothing this autumn, I love how it looks either styled casually or dressy, its so much more versatile than I thought, and it has that real 90’s vibe. Definitely will be buying it in another colour, when I’m employed again, that is. Its so difficult job hunting, I’m trying to find a ‘grown up’ job since I finished college this summer, meanwhile trying to find a part-time job to keep me going. Tough world out there! I’m staying relatively positive though, I think thats really important, thinking positive. It really does help your frame of mind and you can start focusing on all the good stuff instead of wallowing in the not-so-good. So fingers crossed I’m lucky enough to be employed again soon.

Back to the outfit! I paired it with my trusty black leather skirt, purchased from ASOS back in March or something, but I’m pretty sure its still in stock or they have millions of similar ones. Ive never got better wear out of a skirt in all my life as I have with this one. Its definitely a staple of mine, just like a favourite pair of jeans.

fuzzy 3




fuzzy fuzzy2 fuzzy6


Sweater – American Apparel

Skirt – Asos

Bag – Michael Kors

Shoes – Aldo


American Clothing and Beauty Haul

While I was away in California I picked up a few new  bits and bobs to wear coming into autumn/winter, which was not the easiest considering it was their summer over there (California’s warmest month is Sept/Oct). All the shops had beautiful summer clothes that I really wanted to buy, but I had to be practical with my money as I am looking for a new job at the moment upon leaving college.

I also bought some skincare treats and some make-up.

So here is what I bought…


I am in love with this fuzzy crop sweater from American Apparel, I thinks its really cute for a casual look but you could also definitely glam it up for a night out. Im so happy its autumn already, I love summer and the longer evenings and all that, but I much prefer autumn style.


I know this is a little summery but it was so gorgeous I couldn’t not buy it, and it was such a steal at $20! Its from my favourite American store Brandy Melville, they do loads of really good basic tees and jumpers, its a real Kylie Jenner sort of a store I would say? But this I though would be so pretty going out for cocktails with black high-wasted jeans and heels or my leather skirt.


This was another item I purchased from American Apparel that I though was really chic. You cant see it in the photo but in real life its a really fine knit and is fitted and has perfect arm length too. I thought it was sort of Audrey Hepburn-esque if I paired it with an all black outfit and thick winged eye-liner.

haul shirt

I seen the model wear this shirt on an advertisement in the store and I just thought it was so effortless. Its and Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and the model had blue skinny jeans, understated beige ankle boots and her hair up in a bun. I thought that it was such a classy casual look, and when I think about what to wear with it, Ive plenty choices from my wardrobe. Its probably one of them investment buys, it was $60, but everyone is in need of a good white shirt.


I don’t know about you but I’m never inclined to spend my money on comfy clothes to wear around the house or popping to the shop? I always look awful in them circumstances as Im usually wearing a pair of 2 year old leggings with some faded t-shirt and Ugg boots! Well not anymore :) Victoria’s Secret for me, was the answer to my problem. It is amazing, its always my favourite place to go shopping when I’m in The States, probably because you just cant buy there their stuff in Ireland. Everything is so bright and girlie and as far a tracksuits and lounge wear goes, they get it pretty damn right every time.

makeup haul

Here is the make-up and skincare I bought, nothing too over the top, just a few bits and bobs to keep me going, until I hound everyone around me near my birthday for MAC presents :)

My Pro-longwear concealer had run out so I was desperate to buy another one. The girl helping me also gave me their Prep and Prime highlighting pen to wear with the concealer under my eyes, and I must say it works a treat. (Going on the birthday wish list!)

I marched straight into Sephora as soon as I seen it, to purchase the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow gel/mousse thing. All the beauty vloggers I watch on youtube all recommended it so I wasn’t leaving America without it! I must say it is definitely worth the money, its fab! My colour is soft brown.

I bought the L’oriel Miss Manga mascara, and its good but I much prefer my MAC false lashes mascara, the Miss Manga mascara wand is weird and flexible which just gets the mascara all over your lids. But for $12 dollars you get what you pay for.

I bought the MAC lipstick in the colour COSMO and the lipliner to match in Staunchly Stylish, and I’m loving it so far. Its like a rosie/brown colour.

makeup haul1

For my skin my sister and I bought some LUSH face masks. It was my first time trying a LUSH face mask and they are amazing in my opinion. I bought The Sacred Truth, which contained anti-oxidant wheatgrass, green tea and enzymic papaya, which is to enhance and revive your complexion. I will definitely be repurchasing this, it worked wonders.

My skin broke out quite badly while I was away, I’m pretty sure it was due to wearing high factor oily suncream on my face. So, next year Im purchasing a good suncream for my face from Clarins or somewhere similar. I bought the Clean and Clear face scrub which is nice and quite gentle, its oil free too so its good for break outs. I also bought the Neutregena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment which I think works well because its not too harsh on the skin and doesn’t dry it out leaving your skin with redness or flakiness. Ive never seen this cream in Ireland before, so I’m happy I bought it.

I also bought Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel for young skin. I bought it in the airport for €20 which I thought was pretty good value for Clarins.

So that was my clothing and beauty haul :) As you can see I didn’t buy much, just some stuff to get me through Autumn/Winter. Hope you enjoyed reading.


Viva Las Vegas


To end my amazing trip around California we spent two in nights in Las Vegas, although Vegas isn’t in California, rather, its in Nevada! Anyway, this so happened to be my second time in Vegas as I was lucky enough to go last year during my summer abroad in California. So, you could say I knew the ropes – where to stay, where to eat and what to do.

We stayed in my favourite hotel in Vegas, The Venitian, which has Romanesque monarch theme going through the interior of the hotel with the likes of sculptures and fountains being a frequent sightings. It is such an amazing hotel every time you walk around it you see something new, which isn’t hard considering theres a casino, theatre, multiple restaurants, a nightclub and is connected to the Plazza shopping mall. I would seriously recommend this hotel for anyone planning on visiting Vegas.

I have so many photos of Vegas so expect this post to be fairly illustrated ;)



What makes this hotel most spectacular is its indoor miniature river which flows through the hotel, resembling Venice. This river brings you along to the most amazing Italian restaurants in the hotel which have a string quartet playing Italian opera for its guests. This whole section of the hotel is made to feel like you are outdoors. It has a fake sky which changes from day to night, street lamps and concrete wet look floors,there really is no place like it.

The gardens surround the pool deck.

The gardens surround the pool deck.





On our first night in Vegas we ate in the Venice style area of The Venitian and it was such an incredible experience, I mean, I really felt like I was in Italy!

The next day we went sight seeing around the strip and went to famous hotels like Caesars Palace and the Bellagio. It is 100 degrees farrenheight in Vegas which is about 40-45 degrees celsius. But Vegas is in the middle of a desert so the air is really dry so its impossible to be out in the sun for too long.

10635897_10204527192160098_3455065318388143277_n (1)



On our second day in Vegas we did some shopping and explored the hotel a little more to pass some time. We ate lunch in a famous ice cream parlour called Serendipity which was a real cool place. I made my family eat there because I heard of Kim Kardashian going to Serendipity a few times on Keeping up with the Kardashians :) I know I’m such a loser, but the food was delicious!




It was actually my dad’s 50th birthday so we all went to the musical Rock of Ages that night which was a great laugh. I always wanted to see the musical as I enjoyed the movie in the past.


Me and my little sister on our last night in Vegas.

Me and my little sister on our last night in Vegas.

And then we had the dreaded 12 hour day of travelling, seems surreal that yesterday I was on the other side of the world. Although the travelling is long and uncomfortable it definitely wouldn’t stop me from visiting the States again. I had such an amazing trip and a whirlwind two weeks, Ive seen so many different places and drove so many miles its still a bit hard to get my head around. Anyway, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime :)

I’m having major holiday blues as I type this.



Ventian Garden


So I love my Topshop metallic dress and I think it really suits the location of the Venetian pool gardens in our hotel. Oh and I forgot to mention I’m in Vegas now :) Were staying in The Venetian hotel and it’s amazing, its designed just like an old Roman castle with marble everywhere and fountains and oil paintings on the ceiling just like the Sistine Chapel. I will definitely put a post up about the time we spent in Vegas and everything we seen and did.

I wore this dress to the musical Rock of Ages in the theatre last night, which was a great musical to go and see if your into that type of thing? Which I am definitely into ;) I





Dress – Topshop

Sandals – River Island



Brandy Melville


This little coord is from an American clothes shop called Brandy Melville, which California has many! There just happened to be a huge one where I was staying in San Diego, they had manly summer stock still out and I just wanted buy it all!! But because I am from Ireland I knew that probably wasn’t a good plan seeing as we’re coming into the Autumn months.

But I just couldn’t resist this one, it had such a Motel Rocks feel and was half the price at $45 :) Theres not much to this outfit other than its light, summery and casual. There was a little family of ducks on the beach when we were taking the photos and we tried our best to get them in the shot, but I guess they weren’t feeling all that photogenic tonight.





San Diego Sunset


So I’m in another new location as of recent! And if you haven’t guessed from the title, yup I’m in San Diego :) I love San Diego, it has a very special place in my heart because I lived here for three months last year and had the absolute time of my life, and it also where I met my boyfriend, so without getting too mushy I have a lot of sweet memories here.

Anyway enough of that, we took these photos just outside our hotel near the marina. Everywhere in San Diego is so picturesque, you could honestly take photos anywhere and they would look good. This skirt is from Urban Outfitters and I really wasn’t sure about it but my sister persisted that I buy it, and to tell you the truth I’m happy I did! My top is an oldie but a goodie from River Island when Rihanna did her collection for them. I would love if Rihanna did another collection – I adored it last year :)

I have done a bit of shopping on my holiday but I had been told that it is really cold back home so Ive been trying to buy wintery items but its so difficult considering California is 40 degrees still! But I’m really excited to pull some outfits together when I go home with some of my newer stuff.












Top – River Island

Skirt – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – River Island