Whats in my Beach Bag?


Going to the pool or beach you don’t really need to bring that much stuff, I stick to the bare minimum as you can have enough to carry between towels, umbrellas, chairs, and even snacks. So briefly, what I like to bring are;

1. Suncream

I always carry suncream with me wherever I go on holidays as you never know when you need to top up.

2. Water

A bottle of water is always a must in my beach bag as I just get super dehydrated when away

3. ipod

An ipod is definitely an essential for the beach

4. A book

Sometimes I’ll bring a book to the beach, but admittedly I don’t always end up reading it!

5. A big hair clip

This is really useful to tie my hair back when it gets all tangled from the salty water or mated from the sand

6. Sunglasses

But this pretty much goes without saying :)







Welcome to the family…

I have literally been searching high and low for a pair of white platforms that could take you from day to night for ages!! A month ago I tired to purchase these in river Island but they didn’t have my size left or any size 5′s left in any of there nice platforms!! But Im uber happy about the fact that they restocked these babies, and now I get to wear them away on holidays and for the rest of summer <3


Flowers in the Rain

I completely misread the wether with this one, because as soon as I stepped outside my house it started raining :( But I just had to get it on the blog as I just love the summer colours. I like this because of its bold purple and pink colours and its not the usual pastel pink or lilac that we see so much of. The print has such lovely big tropical flowers which would be prefect for your holidays.

I originally bought it to wear for the beach over my bikini as its quite light material, but when I took it home I decided I would want to wear this out for dinner or sight seeing. I picked it up in Penneys believe it or not!! So it was a bargain :) I also am wearing new shoes from River Island which I LOVE! Ive been searching high and low for a pair over comfy platform sandals to wear walking around or going out at night in – and I think these are the perfect medium!

I just threw on my white leather jacket as it was cold and miserable out, plus it matched my sandals :3 Also, apologies for the state of my hair, I didn’t get a chance to do anything with it as my sister (photographer) was on her way out so we had to take the pictures in a hurry!









Playsuit = Penneys/Primark

Sandals = River Island

Jacket = River Island

Belt = Penneys

Sunglasses  = Aldo



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My Holiday Buying Essentials (toiletries)

Hello everyone :) This post is probably going to be long and rambley because before I go away I am convinced I need to bring absolutely everything but the kitchen sink, so I’ll try keep it as brief as possible and only include my must-must haves!

1. Suncream

Okay this might seem blatantly obvious, but I always much prefer buying my suncream before I land just because I’m the biggest worrier. Me and my pasty Irish skin cant be in 30 degree heat for too long because I’ll either just go red or eventually burn –  not pretty! I have burned myself badly in the past from going on crazy girly holidays and being irresponsible, but protecting my skin properly is my biggest priority now. I usually bring a factor 30 for extremely hot wether or if your out at sea on boat ride etc – its just always good to have! In my experience, better safe than sorry. I also bring a factor 15 and factor 8, towards the end of the holiday I’ll wear factor 8 tanning oil. But I only use tanning oil with factor in it!!


2. Body Lotion (And lots of it!)

Its super important to moisturise your skin on a sunny wether holiday as too much sun and heat can make your skin dry and uncomfortable. Moisturising after every shower will also help prolong your tan too ;) I bought a new one by Garnier called Body Oil Beauty which is an oil-infused lotion.


3. Fake tan

This might sound crazy bringing fake tan away on your summer holiday, when your supposed to get all tanned over there but, ahem, not everyone tans and not everyone tans like a Spanish person either!! I am fair skinned and fair haired so as you can imagine Im not exactly going to come home after a 10 day holiday with an amazing tan. Naturally I get a golden tan but nothing that would be really dark like my boyfriend would, he just steps into the sun and his skin completely changes. Lucky for him. So at the beginning I do put a little instant tan on at night to give me some confidence, as I wouldn’t go out at home without tan so, why would I do it somewhere different?

I also pack a developing tan too, just incase I’m feeling super pasty in my bikini and I can no longer bare my reflection as I look like a sick patient next to all the lovely tanned people :’( But hey, nobody has to know! Fake it till you make it I say!


4. Exfoliator

The only reason I pack this is because I bring fake tan with me and I don’t want any dodgy elbows or knees for the whole holiday while the fake tan wears off.

5. Strapless Bra

A little bit off track on the toiletry front but a must have nonetheless, is a flesh coloured mutliway/strapless bra. This is on the list because I feel it is essential for all your little holiday crop tops, string tops, boob tubes and dresses, and anything else you feel it necessary. One of my ultimate pet hates is seeing unsightly bra straps hanging around the place and ruining outfits. I cant stress how annoying it is when you have a lovely little dainty top or a strapless dress but no appropriate underwear to go along with it.

So I make sure I purchase a new one before I go away, I choose flesh colour because its just the most practical colour.

I bought mine in Dunnes Stores for €8, which is such a good price but you can buy these bras everywhere so choice can be personal.

6. Big Clips and Slides

I always have to carry a big hairdressing clip around with me in my beach bag or handbag as when Im at the beach my hair gets super knotty from the salty water and if I use a bobbin it just gets all tangled around it and makes my life a lot worse. Little slides are always a must for me all year round as they are just so handy for doing little hairstyles going out for dinner etc.


7. Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

This is so important for me as I have such dry hair at the moment and I am really trying to repair it and I’m worried that the beach is only going to make it much worse. So, I recently tried Hask Argon oil shampoo and conditioner, which Ill be bringing away with me. If you want to read more about that you can do so hear.

post 6

8. Hairspray

Nothing worse than curling your hair and as soon as you step outside your well air conditioned hotel room into the heat – boom – hello straight/flat hair! Cant even! I recommend always bringing a good strong hair spray for this, hair mousse also helps if you apply some when your hair is still wet for extra stiffness in the hair.

9. Cotton wool

Light and easy to fit in the suitcase and perfect for taking off your makeup off with at night.

10. Eye Make-up Remover

I feel like this can be easily forgotten but its definitely an essential in my book. As I don’t use make-up wipes I need something thats going to remove my make-up form the night before easily without me pulling all my eyelashes out. I absolutely hate when I forget this.


And there you have it, these are all the toiletries I make sure I pack before I jet off somewhere nice. Do you have any must haves you pack n your suitcase, if so, I’d love to hear them! Hope his was useful to some of you.

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Wishing Life Away

This is just a little end of summer wish list as Ive seen so many cute little items online recently –  and to tell you the truth this isn’t even the lot! So prepare a part 2 :) Most of these item are from Missguided, River Island and Topshop! Everything is pastel as I’m trying to make the most of this fashion trend while I can as I don’t think there will be much pastel colours this Autumn/Winter. I cant write much as I’m rushing out the door as I type this…but hope you like it :)

End of Summer wishlist






Hask Argon Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

photo (1)

I had seen this shampoo and conditioner before in Penneys but didn’t really think much of it, I thought I might like to try that but just never got around to testing it out for myself. I remember everyone around Christmas time and a good while afterwards were raving about Moroccan oils and Moroccan oil shampoos but I still didnt buy into – I thought they were really over priced and inconvenient to purchase as they weren’t sold in my local supermarket. But this shampoo was sold in nearly all the Penneys around Dublin and it was always in the back of my mind to try it, plus it only cots €4.50 so cant really go wrong, can I?

Since I can remember I have always been a loyal Aussie haircare customer and even if I drifted away for awhile to try something new I always returned to them at their mercy. I just felt that they cleaned my hair so well and it always felt silky and more manageable after use. One of my all time favourite Aussie products is definitely their 3 Minute Miracle. This conditioner is just ground breaking in my opinion, you leave it in for 3 minutes and then rinse as usual and afterwards your hair feels super healthy, silky and soft. Using this conditioner is definitely as must in my beauty regime and I try to use this at least once a week. I would use it more often but as I have really fine hair I have to be careful as too much conditioning can essentially have the opposite affect and leave my hair limp and dull.0186569_l

Hence, although Hask Argon oil shampoo is quite a conditioning shampoo it doesn’t over do it. I feel like I could use this daily (which I do) and it doesn’t leave my hair heavy and limp from over conditioning, rather, it leaves it looking more restored and stronger. Most importantly though, it doesn’t weigh it down which actually would make my hair look thinner and lifeless but rather it kind of fluffs it up and makes it weightless which is AMAZING! I wouln’t say I’m totally having an affair on my Aussie shampoo rather just enjoying using this new brand ;) But honestly Hask shampoo and conditioner is definitely becoming one of my favourite haircare products and is a whole €3.00 cheaper than Aussie!

I purchased the Repairing shampoo and conditioner which has the blue label and blue bottle cap. There was another Smoothing shampoo and conditioner option which had the pink label but I went with the Repairing option as my hair is very dry and brittle at the moment. My first impression of the shampoo was quite a good one I will tell you that. When I squeezed some of the shampoo on my hand in the shower it smelled absolutely incredible, it had such a strong aromatherapy smell of what I can only describe as a zesty citrus smell? In other words it just smells to die for!

Ive been on the hunt for a shampoo other than Aussie that will help restore my hair because I was away in California last summer for 3 months and the sun totally damaged my hair and it hasn’t really been the same since. Im sure years of bleaching has also taken its toll on my hair too which is why I’m currently in the process of toning down my hair to a more natural blonde. If you want to read my article on how and why Im doing that, you can read it here. I did hear before that the more you use the same products on your hair the less effect they will have as your hair can build a tolerance to hair products. Which is another reason why I wanted to try a new shampoo and conditioner. Im also off to Spain in, ahem, 4 DAYS!!! So I wanted a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner to use while Im over there. Ill definitely do a review of how or if this shampoo and conditioner helped with the salty water and heat!



Hask hair care products are also not tested on animals and are free of sulfates and parabens, Im not entirely sure what they are but I’m guessing thats a good thing :) My hair is not in the best condition and is naturally thin so I’m trying everything I can to make my hair stronger and healthier without cutting it as I am on a mission to have long hair. Do you have any good advice regarding hair care that you swear by? If so don’t be afraid to comment below as I’d love to hear them.


HAIR ENVY <3 <3 <3

You find all you need to know about any of the Hask products on their website here, but as far as I know you can only buy this brand in Penneys/Primark, I think.


High Vis Co-ord

This is the type of clothing that perhaps would be excellent in a big crowd or a concert as I’m pretty sure that no matter what you will be seen and easily found! When I ordered this online and read the fine print which stated ‘neon yellow’, they definitely were not kidding and your’e friends may appreciate this when searching for you in a dark nightclub!

Nevertheless I love it and think its something different and really brings out your tan, which is partly the reason I bought it. As some of you may know I’m going to the South of Spain in under a week for a relaxing break with my boyfriend, which btw we are uber excited about! Literally cant wait at this stage as the wether has been disgusting the past few days.

I paired this outfit with some oversized round sunnies and my trusty River Island sandals for a summery effect, despite the dull weather in the background. Hope you like it and feel free to comment below as I love responding to all your questions and lovely comments. I have linked the co-ord below as always <3


















Top = Missguided(here)

Shorts = Missguided (here)

Sandals/Clutch bag = River Island

Sunglasses= Aldo







DIY Co-ordinate

Now this little number you may have seen on my instagram as I wore this to Sea Sessions, a low key surf and music festival up in Donegal maybe two weeks back? Ive just been waiting for the perfect summers day to blog it as I wasn’t lying when I said it was little! Its a real holiday/festival outfit – albeit we may never get the weather in Ireland to parade around a festival in it happily so I paired it with my yellow Topshop fisherman’s jumper. Okay, so I didn’t exactly walk around the festival in sandals either…I wore my Doc Martins and my denim jacket for extra warmth over the jumper – the poor little bralet didnt see the light of day!

The idea for this look came about when I seen the Never Fully Dressed co-ords on their Depop market, but they were all sold out online and on their Depop which devastated me because I just thought they were so different and girly. After this, I then seen Charlotte Fisher’s blog post wearing one of their coordinates to the Isle of White festival and I thought to myself ‘okay I really need this in my life, what am I going to do?’ I thought to myself, surely they cant be too difficult to make?! So me and my very talented mom put our heads together and created this little co-ord ourselves :) A real little achievement!













Jumper = Topshop

Co-ord = DIY

Sandals = River Island

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New Hair @ Hair Boutique


Its been long overdue that I needed to take a visit to the hairdresser and get something done about my unsightly roots! Although they did grow on me towards the end – sort of had my own mini balayage thing going on, but for me it just looked untidy and unkept. Im not totally ruling out the ombre hair look, as I have recently posted about that particular hairstyle and how I have taken a serious shine to it – when done professionally! I think this autumn winter if I pluck up the courage it will definitely be my next hairstyle as Im craving a change. But for now I decided I wanted to tone down my hair to a more natural dark blonde.

For the last 4 years Ive been blonde and for the past 2 years Ive been ash blonde and this has really taken its toll on my hair. Its become dryer and thinner from all the years of bleaching. The main reason I decided to get low lights was because on a student budget the maintenance of barbie blonde hair was becoming too much and I just couldn’t afford it anymore, and with quitting my part-time job in pursuit of my dream job upon completing my degree, my money situation might be tight for the first while come September! So, it was the sensible side in me that said toning down the hair would be most practical. When my roots where long and I tied back my hair into a high ponytail all you could see was my natural hair colour (light brown) and I realised it really warmed my face up and made my eyes appear so much greener. Im quite convinced that this medium-dark blonde hair is definitely more suited to my skin tone than ash blonde, which also persuaded me for the change.

Ive always drifted from hairdresser to hairdresser as Ive never really found a place that I absolutely love, or a hairdresser that has really impressed me. However this all changed when I decided to try the quaint little Hair Boutique on the North side of Dublin near where I live. Ive never been recommended this salon nor do I know anyone that has come here, but when I checked the price list online and seen that a full head of highlights and a cut was only €95 I was sold :)

Its situated in Clontarf in a really picturesque courtyard shared by a florist also, so there is loads of beautiful flowers and cute ornaments as you walk up to the entrance. The decor inside the salon didn’t disappoint with its hanging chandeliers and french style wallpaper and mirrors – really shabby chic with a Parisian chic twist I would say. The salon was full with clients and people waiting when I arrived (always a good sign) and I was greeted immediately and offered tea or coffee while I waited. Its really small on the inside with only three styling stations and two basins, but I think this works in its favour as it makes your experience more personal and adds a friendly atmosphere.


Nicola took care of me and was my hair stylist, and she really wanted to make sure that she did my hair just how I wanted and really listened to what I told her and the colour change I wanted to go for.

Here is a picture of my hair before I got it done,

As you can see it became quite brassy and looked really unhealthy!


And here is the after,

photo 2

photo 1

As you can see its much fresher and more healthy looking. The colour is exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier, I will definitely be returning to the Hair Boutique when my roots need doing after summer!







OOTN featuring Topshop

As my trip to Spain is getting closer and closer I’m trying to figure out some night time outfits which would be appropriate for dinner and or cocktails – mainly cocktails though hehe. I’m dying to have a pina colada – never tried one but I hear they are amazing, oh and sangria! Although I have tried sangria before and I remember I didn’t like it very much but when in Rome ey? Or should I say when in Spain ;)

This playsuit is from Topshop and its super comfy and I love the wrap detail across the chest. The grey/lilac purple colour of the playsuit I think would be lovely against sun kissed skin while away and I think its something different – not a lot of this colour in my wardrobe or on the highstreet.












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Playsuit = Topshop

Heels = River Island

Clutch bag = River ISland

Earrings = Topshop